Available courses

Professor: Rev Peter Tsukahira

Date        : 25-27 August

A Biblical basis for understanding the Kingdom of God from a practical viewpoint that incorporates principles, concepts, and characteristics of the Kingdom.  It also highlights the history and relationship between the Kingdom, Israel and the Church.  Emphasis is placed upon a Christian's opportunities and responsibilities to help advance God's Kingdom.

Professor: Dr Jerry Horner

Date        : 8-10 September

This course examines the Biblical teaching on the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity.  Emphasis is placed on the personality and deity of the Holy Spirit, His work in regeneration, sanctification, Spirit baptism and Christian service. 

Professor: Dr Joseph Umidi

Dates      : 17-19 November

Provides perspectives on the rudiment of leading people through understanding of conflicts.  This course also focuses on the principles and praxis of the management: relating theory to practice, identifying constructive strategies, developing framework techniques and processes, formulation of resolution methods and managing communications. 

Professor: Dr Khoo Hin Hiong

Date        : 27-29 October

This course is designed to clarify what the Bible teaches on missionary objectives and explains the relationship of the Trinity to missionary endeavors.  It aims to familiarize students with the missionary activities of a New Testament Church.  Through the use of case studies, each student will be stimulated to engage themselves for more vigorous mission work. Dr Khoo, with personal experiences in touching 45 countries, will expound and illustrate the Biblical way of reaching the world with the Gospel.